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The PS4 Green Out Controller Makes You A COD Master

The PS4 Green Out Controller Makes You A COD Master!

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Ps4 Mod Controllers Custom Colors

As a long time Call Of Duty player, I am always excited to try something out that is going to take my COD experience to the next level. Well, I was given the chance to have a little fun and put the awesome PS4 Green Out Controller through its paces and see just how better a player it made me.

I have spent a lot of time with this controller thanks to the good folks at Mods "R" Us. I tried out Call Of Duty Remastered and Infinite Warfare with this controller and I wanted to give a few thoughts and opinions on the way the controller enhanced my game.

Mess With Your Opponent:First thing I want to talk about is the drop shot/jump shot mode. No doubt you have run after an enemy, got them in your sights, and then they hit the deck and blow you away! With drop shot activated as soon as you start firing, you hit the floor which messes up your opponents aim. Jump shot is the same kind of thing, except it makes you jump when you shoot. Using this was a lot of fun and it did actually help me out a ton in team death match.

No More Holding Down R3!One thing that has always bugged me about Call Of Duty is how you have to hold down the R3 button to sprint. It is such an awkward thing to do, but as so many games do it, we have just learned to accept it. The PS4 Green Out Controller though has an auto spring function which lets you just run and gun all over the map without having to keep pressing down the R3 button.

Very Easy To Use:The number of different functions that this controller has is just incredible. Auto aim, burst rapid fire, fast reload, quick scope and many, many more functions are here to make your Call Of Duty sessions more efficient and deadly. With a ton of different functions as well as the ability to add new functions in the future. The PS4 Green Out Controller, you may think would be hard to use. But the fact is, thanks to the button placed on the back of the controller it could not be any easier to use the mod you want, change the mod or just turn them all off so it is a regular PS4 controller.

I play a ton of Call Of Duty and I can honestly say that this controller has made my Call Of Duty experience feel brand new all again. If you have been looking for something to give you that edge in battle then you really cannot go wrong with this controller. Also if you are like me and are just looking for something that is going to take your gaming to the next level then you really are in for a treat with the PS4 Green Out Controller. Oh, by the way, this controller looks really cool as well which is a very nice bonus. xProductBrowser("categoriesPerRow=3","views=grid(20,3) list(60) table(60)","categoryView=grid","searchView=list","id=my-store-1145491");

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