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Take Your COD Experience To The Next Level With The 6000 Mode Modded Controllers Xbox One

Take Your COD Experience To The Next Level With The 6000 Mode Modded Controller Xbox One White Led!

6000 Mode Modded Controller Xbox One White Led

6000 Mode Modded Controller Xbox One White Led

Hey guys, today I want to share with you, my experiences with the awesome, 6000 Mode Modded Controller Xbox One Like you I am a huge Call Of Duty fan and on Xbox One, no matter if you are playing Ghosts, Advanced Warfare, Infinite Warfare or if you are super pumped for WW2. This controller is going to change the way you play Call Of Duty.

The guys at Mods "R" Us have really outdone themselves with this controller and I was given the chance to really put it through its paces and wanted to share with you a few of the things that impressed me.

Quick Reload:Man, this one here was awesome. I know some folks will fire off a few rounds and then reload, but I am the kind of player who will run a gun into the ground and then get into trouble as when I am reloading, some other player will kill me! This quick reload saved my butt countless times and to be honest is one of the best features of The 6000 Mode Modded Controller.

Quick Scope:Ok so full disclosure here, I suck at using sniper weapons. No matter how hard I try, how well I camp, I am always too slow. But when I messed around with the Quick Scope option which can be used with any sniper rifle and adjusts depending on the rifle you use. You pull out your sniper rifle and then BAM it auto aims. It lets people like me, who are not skilled at using a sniper rifle have a little fun.

Auto Aim Zombies:I am one of the few people who actually liked Infinite Warfare and one of the best things about it was the zombie's mode. I freaking loved the way it was set in the 80’s (the DLC was not too bad either) anyway as fun as the game mode was it was hard as hell! Especially if you tried to play through it on your own. One of the more interesting features of this modded controller is the way it will auto aim during zombies. This means if you are having a hard time playing online, you at least have a fair chance taking zombies on your own. It honestly made the game mode a lot more fun for me and it is actually what I have spent most of my time messing around with.

Controller Is Easy To Use:This is the same awesome Xbox One controller that you are used to. But all of the mods they have done on it are very easy to activate and are done so by simple button combinations. I was actually a little surprised at just how easy it was and there is a cool “memory” feature where the controller will remember what mods you had on last time you used it. Also if you want you can turn the mods off which is a nice feature.

If you love to play Call Of Duty but are looking for something to give you a bit of an edge or even just to make the game more fun. I highly recommend you check out The 6000 Mode Modded Controller Xbox One White Led!

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