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Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Is Not A Bad Game

Why Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Is Not A Bad Game

Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare

Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare

Ok so put down the pitchforks and let me explain. Ok so I get that the sci-fi setting was what put a lot of people off Infinite Warfare and they condemned the game before they even played it, but actually, Infinite Warfare is a damn fine game and I want to share with you the reasons why it is worth checking out.


That first Infinite Warfare turned many people off, but the single player campaign in Infinite Warfare is actually a lot of fun. It is like you are playing a part in some huge budget Hollywood sci-fi movie, the story is fun, voice acting well done and in general, it is a riot from start to finish.


You really cannot go wrong with any Call Of Duty multiplayer and that rings true for Infinite Warfare as well. With all the modes you have come to love, Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer lets you play as robots as well as people which is pretty cool. There is also some really fun levels to play, many of which make great use of the wall running mechanic and some that just look flat out cool like the retro 1950’s American town inspired one.


I will argue until I am blue in the face that Infinite Warfare has the best zombies mode of any COD game! Set in an 80’s amusement park, zombies is a blast from start to… well as long as you can last.

Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare is a very, very good game and not worth all the hate it got at all. If you want to take your Infinite Warfare experience to the next level then check out this awesome, PS4 Modded Controller and our brand new and cool stars and stripes inspired, Xbox One controller. xProductBrowser("categoriesPerRow=3","views=grid(20,3) list(60) table(60)","categoryView=grid","searchView=list","id=my-store-1145491");

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