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Black Ops 3 tips and tricks playing the game

Black Ops 3 tips and tricks to be better at playing the game!

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Call Of Duty Bo3 Tips & Tricks

Black Ops 3 is a fun game, but the reality is that sometimes you can end up dying a lot. This is the reason why we created a list with the best tips and tricks that you can use to boost your gameplay fast and easy.

Harness the mobility

Black Ops 3 is similar to Titanfall when it comes to mobility. Before you start targeting enemies better and faster, focus more on harnessing the mobility. Play the singleplayer campaign and make the most out of the wall running system. If you get accustomed to this, the gameplay will be a lot better in the end, so try to keep that in mind. Freerun is a great tool to help you with this.

Choose the right specialist

As you play, you can find different specialists will suit your needs. The idea is to figure out which one is the best for you. Ruin can be great if you want area of effect, Nomad is great for nano drone attacks and seraph is really good at close range. Each one of the specialists is suitable for different situations, so try to figure out which those situations are and make the most out of them!

Avoid staying in the open ground

Instead, try to do all you can to earn that score streak. Move around, don’t stay in a single space and use cover as much as you can. The care package reward can come in handy, so try to keep that in mind. You will see that the Seraph has a very good score streak, so you may want to check that out as it’s quite interesting.

Be careful with the unlock tokens

These can be used for unlocking tons of customization options, perks and a lot of other stuff. Since you get one per level, you may want to avoid spending them all at once. The first purchases are crucial. Purchase those perks sparingly and take your time with the unlocks.

Head for the water if you can

This will help you a lot and it can also bring in some really nice surprises. The idea is to know how to attack your enemies. Making an ambush like this can easily be a lot of fun. It will offer you hours upon hours of fun and excitement. So, just check that out and the experience can be very well worth it!

Stick to your team

Being a lone wolf may be fun, but the reality is that Black Ops 3 is a team game. Work as a team and make sure that you cooperate with others. This is the only way to get good results in this game!

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